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Trading Calendar

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Date Product Name Category Trading Hours EET
10.06.2024 ARBCOFFEE Commodities - Soft Normal Hours
COCOA Commodities - Soft Normal Hours
SUGAR Commodities - Soft Normal Hours
COTTON Commodities - Soft Normal Hours
UKOIL Commodities - Energies Normal Hours
USOIL Commodities - Energies Normal Hours
NATGAS Commodities - Energies Normal Hours
United States Equities Normal Hours
AUS200 Indices Opens 10:30
HK50 Indices Closed
JPN225 Indices Normal Hours
US500 Indices Normal Hours
US100 Indices Normal Hours
US30 Indices Normal Hours
XALUSD Base Metals Normal Hours
XCUUSD Base Metals Normal Hours
XNIUSD Base Metals Normal Hours
XPBUSD Base Metals Normal Hours
XZNUSD Base Metals Normal Hours
XAU Precious Metals Normal Hours
XAG Precious Metals Normal Hours
19.06.2024 ARBCOFFEE Commodities - Soft Closed
COCOA Commodities - Soft Closed
SUGAR Commodities - Soft Closed
COTTON Commodities - Soft Closed
UKOIL Commodities - Energies Closes 20:00
USOIL Commodities - Energies Closes 20:00
NATGAS Commodities - Energies Closes 20:00
United States Equities Closed
AUS200 Indices Normal Hours
HK50 Indices Normal Hours
JPN225 Indices Closes 20:00
US500 Indices Closes 20:00
US100 Indices Closes 20:00
US30 Indices Closes 20:00
XALUSD Base Metals Closes 20:30
XCUUSD Base Metals Closes 20:30
XNIUSD Base Metals Closes 20:30
XPBUSD Base Metals Closes 20:30
XZNUSD Base Metals Closes 20:30
XAU Precious Metals Closes 21:30
XAG Precious Metals Closes 21:30